Maybelline NY Bricks Bronzer

Im so in love with the new Maybelline New York Bricks Maybelline New York Bronzer Palette. 


Palette No2. I absolutely adore this palette, it’s so versatile, blendable, perfect for all skin types. It’s a brilliant Bronzer, shimmer, mat finish tan affect, high lighter, made with an intense, colour collection for you to use it, however you want. You can start with a subtle finish, for the day and build up this firing, hot, selection of colours for the evening. So easy to use. I’m so grateful to @Toluna for this opportunity to test and review this product. I have just done a quick demo for you, so you can see what the product looks like, once applied to the skin. I’m really impressed with the finish and depth of colour. 


Have you tried the Maybelline NY Bricks Bronzer? It’s really reasonably priced, I would & have, highly recommend this palette. Hot, new and trending now. It’s a fantastic must have. It’s really nicely designed and compact, it makes it easier to carry out with you, if your anything like me, you would definitely want to carry this out. If I could change just one thing about this particular product, I would really love to add a magnifying mirror for those of us who have to touch up our make up, even after spending hours on creating the look, in the first place. It’s got a glamorous, beautiful, luxury, look good, feel good, factor about it. Perfectly balanced with the right combination of colours for most skin types and tones. I would definitely buy it, if I saw this on the high street. Makes a great little gift, for your #bff. Check it out for yourself and share your thoughts with us, right here. ♥️💋

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New Year, New You ✨

Happy new year to you all, I hope you have entered the new year, with a bang. I haven’t made any specific resolutions. Have you? If you have and you have stuck with it, you should really be proud of yourself. 

The secret to happiness is gratitude  IMG_3947

Share your resolutions with us right here. What happens on WordPress, stays on WordPress. I do wonder why people start New Years resolutions. I think it’s really just an excuse to put off, or postpone your goals. I think if you going to do something different, why wait? Let me know what your thoughts are on this subject. ♥️💋

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Retinol: A Product To Be Respected

Interesting article about Retinol.

Retinol is a product that no beauty therapist or aesthetic practitioner committed to remedial skin care should be without. It has a versatility and efficacy which addresses the most prevalent and persistent skin conditions of concern to our clients including acne, ageing, pigmentation, irregular texture and scarring.

It is, however, a product to be respected and used with care, so a full understanding of its nature and application protocol is essential to avoid adverse skin reactions.

Retinol comes from a family of compounds called retinoids which are derived from Vitamin A and they have been used medically in both oral and topical forms over the last century to treat a variety of dermatological conditions. Indeed there is evidence that retinoids are efficacious in the treatment of over 125 skin diseases and disorders. These include acne, post acne scarring, psoriasis, ichthyosis and, more recently, for addressing the ageing process and photodamage…

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